Quality design leads to quality manufacturing. That’s why at Five Star Fabricating, we work with our clients’ engineers from the earliest possible stages of every project. This allows us to truly understand the function of each component, leading to more efficient, cost-effective manufacturing processes and higher-quality finished products that will meet or exceed your expectations every time.

Five Star's extensive manufacturing knowledge and design expertise, coupled with latest CAD/CAM technology, ensure your products are consistently manufactured to the tightest tolerances. We take great pride in finding solutions to the most challenging design problems. We work with several types of the latest design software including: integrated CAD to CMM/DCC interface, file transfer capability for DXF, EPS, IGS, DWG, JPG and TIF and CAD System software including AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Prototyping is a critical phase in the development process. Although much can be done to try to anticipate potential product issues, nothing beats getting that first prototype in your hands for testing. One of the biggest factors in reducing lead-time is our ability to design and build our tooling in-house. This level of speed and precision allows for a fast production of master plugs, and enables us to provide our customers with close tolerances and superior surface finishes, resulting in the highest quality parts possible.

Design Services We Offer

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Tooling Design
  • In-House Mold Construction
  • Material Selection Advisory
  • On-site Testing Lab