We are the industry leading provider of composite body panels and structural components for high performance applications. The outstanding design properties of our carbon fiber composites offer high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. With proper selection and placement of fibers, our composite parts can be stronger and stiffer than equivalent thickness steel parts and weigh 40% to 70% less. Our in-house tooling department allows for fast production of master plugs, and enables us to deliver composite parts with closer tolerances and superior surface finishes.

The length, orientation, and layering of various types of fabrics are critical to strength. At Five Star, we take great pride in developing strong relationships with our fabric suppliers. What this means for Five Star customers is that we can ensure a steady supply of raw material, as well as formulate custom, innovative fabric blends and weaves to meet our customers’ demands. Five Star engineers also have extensive experience in bonding ancillary structures to composites. Various fastening processes include: bonding high strength tethers to parts, as well as fastening/molding metal nuts, bolts and hinges into the composite parts. With a stable of large-format 3, 5 and 6 axis CNC machines, Five Star can manufacture the largest and most complex parts and components precisely, consistently and quickly.

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