At Five Star, we believe that strong partnerships and strategic acquisitions are key to our success in the industries we serve. We are committed to identifying, acquiring, and collaborating with organizations that share our passion for innovation and excellence in engineering, design, and manufacturing of components for vehicles that demand the highest performance in the most extreme applications. Our corporate development strategy focuses on creating long-term value for our stakeholders, while expanding our global footprint and enhancing our capabilities.

Acquisition Strategy

Five Star actively pursues acquisitions that align with our vision and complement our existing capabilities, expertise, and market presence. Our experienced corporate development team works diligently to identify potential acquisition targets, conduct thorough due diligence, and integrate acquired businesses seamlessly into our operations, ensuring a smooth transition for employees, customers, and suppliers. We look for businesses with:

  • Strong technical know-how in engineering and manufacturing of vehicle body panels, including composites and plastics
  • A solid track record of growth and profitability
  • A commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Synergies that can be leveraged to drive cost efficiencies and operational excellence


Partnership Opportunities

We understand the value of collaboration in driving innovation and growth. Five Star is dedicated to building strategic partnerships with:

  • Suppliers: We partner with leading suppliers to secure high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the consistent delivery of motorsports and other high performance vehicle applications.
  • Research & Development Institutions: Our collaborations with universities and research centers fuel our commitment to innovation, helping us stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • OEM’s: We work closely with vehicle designers and manufacturers to co-develop and supply components that meet their specific requirements, fostering long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success.


Benefits of Partnering with Five Star

By partnering with Five Star, organizations can expect:

  • Access to our extensive industry expertise and cutting-edge technology
  • Joint development of innovative and high-quality components that enhance performance of vehicles in the most extreme environments
  • Expansion of market reach and growth opportunities
  • A commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices
  • The opportunity to be part of a global leader in vehicle lightweighting solutions


Get in Touch

If you are interested in exploring acquisition or partnership opportunities with Five Star, we invite you to reach out to our corporate development contact, Garrett Schultz, at Our team will be happy to discuss potential collaborations and provide further information on how we can work together to create value for all stakeholders.